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Fresh Pasta with Guanciale and Veggies

Today I give you pasta. This is the formula that makes all sauces. Fat or oil, then shallots/onions and garlic, herbs then broth. 

Dear Diary,

Yesterday, Evelyn only ate the meat from the pork burger and not the tater tots, veggies or apples. She did however have an apple sauce squeezie after dinner. Taylor complained, but still ate his dinner.

Today, Evelyn was the first to be done and ate all her dinner: BBQ chicken, rice with soy sauce and baby broccoli. She continued to repeat, “I ate all my dinner. Can I be done all by myself,” until Taylor was finally done with his plate 5 minutes later. We started a new rule that kids can’t be excused from the dinner table unless both kids are all done. Not sure if this was a good idea or not yet.

Thanks for listening, 


Don't Miss a Beat.

We used to go to club day sessions on a Sunday starting at 1pm in New York City in my 20s. No drinking, no eating, no drugs. Pure dancing with everything you’ve got. A great list to play in the background while making pasta. Inspired by my friend Adam Cruz who used to DJ in basements at AKL (Fraternity at Rutgers University) and introduced me to some of the best house music and dance parties out there. Including a dance party on a ferry around NYC.

Click here to check out Adam’s latest mixes. Be on the look out as he has a new album dropping April 2nd. He also wrote a book. Check it out! Free The Music Business: Tips and Tales from an Indie Music Nerd

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