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We dropped the kids off. Went to pick out new carpet for the house. Back in the car and what happens? The car won’t start. We didn’t get mad. Just you know. Turned it on and off about 5 more times to see if it would come back on. Called the tow truck. ETA of 81-90 minutes. Luckily, we were right near the office. Walked on over while discussing the war, Florida, Texas. Said hello to friends. Checked the mail. Walked back. Sat in the car and reconnected with another friend from across the country to give some web advice. Yes I still do that once in a while, but I’m taking a short break on building them. 

New ETA of 35 more minutes. Decided to put my face on the windshield, record myself looking out the window waiting for a tow truck cause I thought it would be funny. Sometimes I wonder what Carrie thinks when I do random things like that. 

I know the world is heavy right now. The only thing I know how to do is cook and make people laugh. Ups and downs throughout the day. One minute it feels like the world is broken, another minute you put all the love into making homemade pitas because your son requested it. There was a NY Times article talking about when bad things happen, nostalgia sets in. Is it bad that I’m constantly nostalgic about everything from the 80s and 90s all the time? 

I chatted on a podcast recently with my friends Mikey and Rinne Eat In. I love showing how much love and laughter you can bring when cooking. There is a meditative healing that happens. Bringing people together and laughing through food is the only thing that feels right. There is no enlightenment or epiphany I’m going to give you here. Just pure random stories, giggles and food. 

Enjoy the podcast and give Mikey and Rinne a follow! They are some of my favorite people who love to eat, cook and laugh as much as I do. Note: Earmuffs for the kids. Mikey brings out the F bombs in me.

PS. Mom and Dad, if you really want to hear what I was doing at home while you were out playing mahjong and singing karaoke, feel free to listen. If you prefer to not know, do not click on the link below.

“Stop rhyming, I mean it! Anybody want a peanut?” What movie? Carrie forgets every single time. Ha!

Don't Miss a Beat.

Lesbi honest, when Lilith Fair came out, it was pretty amazing whether you were gay, straight, non-binary, trans and such. All the lady groups on one stage rocking out was cool. And as we continue our nostalgia for the 90s, let’s not forget the TV show Dawson’s Creek. That is all. 

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  1. I mean. Love this. Obvs. You are the best, so funny and that Princess Bride quote gets TONS of mileage in our house. ❤️

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