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Just cook. It's not that deep.

From easy egg recipes to fancy pants dinners, I'll show you how to cook the Huang way for your family.

How to Make Zongzi

Introducing, Lee and Angela, my parents. Learn how to make zongzi with my parents! They’ve been tag teaming this dish for decades. Makes enough for 40 zongzi. Put them in the freezer for an easy dinner later in the week! Plus, find out the secret ingredient to my dad’s fried rice. Recipes to come on justcookjannie.com. Mind the sound and lighting. I was traveling. 🙂



Cooking Classes

I’m excited to be partnering with Uncommon Goods to bring Uncommon Experiences live! Cook with me from your own kitchen and listen to my random stories for a giggle. 

Recipes and How to...

How to make scallion pancakes

Scallion Pancakes and Eggs

Learn how to make a Sunday favorite at our house. Scallion pancakes the Huang way. Make the dough first, then cut the scallions, prep your plate and pan with oil to set up production. The amount of time you set aside rolling out all the servings allows the dough to rest and you can stretch it out more to make a thinner pancake. It’s all about the layers! Cut extra scallions so you have for the rest of the week for anything from breakfast eggs to Korean BBQ.

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Fresh Pasta with Guanciale, peas and corn recipe

Fresh Pasta with Guanciale and Veggies

A simple formula to make a delicious family meal. All you need is pasta, fresh veggies and some guanciale (or bacon). No biggie. If you haven’t used guanciale before, you are missing out! It’s so good. I had never heard of it until I started working at Chestnut. Tiny bits of cured pork jowl that adds the perfect salt flavor to your veggie pasta. If you need to learn how to make fresh pasta, check out my how to video. Enjoy!

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